TexKom (BD) Ltd.

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Texkom BD Limited located in the capital city of Bangladesh, near to the airport of Dhaka
Bangladesh, the southern Asian country has a population of approximately 164 million people. The economy of Bangladesh is significantly dependent on agriculture. The readymade garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh became the biggest earner of the foreign currency. This sector creates about 4.2 million employment opportunities and contributes significantly to the GDP. RMG in Bangladesh is powered by young urbanizing workers, while most of them are women. After Rana Plaza accident, foreign buyer associations such as ACCORD and ALLIANCE developed together with the local manufacturing industry, higher standards for workers such as worker safety standards as well as better working environments. Meanwhile, as well as raising minimum wages, the Bangladeshi government has taken some important steps which included hiring inspectors to conduct preliminary safety inspections and registering more labour unions. In 2013 about 96 new trade unions in the RMG sector registered with the Bangladesh Department of Labour (DoL), compared with just two trade unions over the previous two years. Presently, 222 unions in the RMG sector are registered. The actual duty for Ready made Garments is 0.0% exports to the European Union.

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