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The Most Successful Course Center for Postgraduate Medical Examinations of The Royal Colleges of UK

It has established itself as the pioneer in conductinghighly effective and rigorous courses for postgraduatemedical examinations, maintaining world class standard.Established in 2009, it has been running very successfullywith a large number of doctors. Every year hundreds ofdoctors attend the course from all over the world and brilliantly passtheExaminations with flying colors.
Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha has already won the hearts of millions of DOCTORS seeking career in country and outside the country by his UNIQUE, EASY & EFFECTIVE method of teaching on MRCP Part-1, Part-2 Written & PACES Examinations PREPARATIONS.

The doctors already have got an opportunities to train under him, they know the REAL TASTE of medicine practice in such a toughest subject comparatively with other subjects in the medical sciences which revealed by his students’ SPONTAEOUS feedbacks from their core of the hearts such as,“…Sumanta sir is the BEST TEACHER that I have seen in my full medical career…”, .“…Sumanta sir’s best quality is his MOTIVATIONAL power, you will feel energy, inspired & motivated….”,“…Sumanta sir’s TEACHING METHOD is the best way learning….” “…Sumanta sir’s lectures on each and every difficult topic made so easy…so I should say this is rather an EASY-ACADEMY…”,“Sumanta sir’s effective MNEMONICS are enjoyable, easy to remember, most importantly very effective whilst you are on exam hall…”,“…Sumanta sir’s trips & tricks are the best clinical pearls that made me the highest score in the world 170/172…”

Many more and these FEEDBACKS are really COMMENDABLE for the prospective candidates who are thinking about their career, their post-graduate life and ultimately their success ahead.

Dr. Sumanta is the Founder Chairmen & Chief Course Coordinator of “SsAcademy” that named after his own name ‘Sumanta Sir’s Academy’ which was established with a SELFLESS aim of MAKING OF GOOD PHYSICIANS with a one student on 2009 and within a very short time, this academy has grown up to a LARGEST ASPIRANTS’ body consisted of hundreds of current students, thousands of online fans, millions of followers; importantly, this academy has already reached beyond Bangladesh to India, becoming an integral part of training MRCP aspirants in all over the world with the objective of spreading this EASIEST,EFFECTIVE & BEST method of learning to all the parts of the world. Moreover, he has been teaching MEDICINE to undergraduate students of MBBS as an Assistant PROFESSOR of Medicine in Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College & Senior Consultant & Head of the department, Medicine of Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Ltd since 2009.

Academically, Dr. Sumanta passed MRCP (UK) in General Medicine on 2013/1 diet from the Cross House Hospital of Glasgow, United Kingdom brilliantly. He also awarded MRCPS (Glasg), MRCPE (Edinburgh) & MRCP (London) on 2013

He trained himself in different specialties of medicine in different parts of the world especially in Bangladesh (Apollo Hospitals Dhaka), India (KIMS, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences), Ukraine (LSMU), UK (Ealing Hospital, London; UCL, London; Stockport Hospital, Manchester; Hammersmith Hospital, London). As a careerist personality, he has been awarded lots of academic certificates, credentials & awards from different specialties of medicine.

As a brilliant student, he got a scholarship for higher study and he completed his post-graduation (MD) in Cardiology on 2009 with excellent academic records from LSMU (Lugansk State Medical University), Ukraine. Noteworthy, he finished MBBS on 2004 from SOMC (Sylhet M A G Osmani Medical College) brilliantly where he secured 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in his institute in 1st, 2nd & final professional examinations of MBBS respectively.

The GREATEST thing is that Dr. Sumanta has already taken more than 10,000 hours (Ten Thousands Hours) lectures dedicated only for MRCP Part-01, Part-02 Written & Part-02 Clinical (PACES) Examinations Preparations’. Moreover, he is becoming a main resource person of these toughest examinations’ preparations’ because of excellent method of medicine learning by providing classes in a UNIQUE, EXCEPTIONAL and DISTINCTIVEway.

With the aim of spreading the benefits of this PREPARATORY MRCP Courses among the prospective doctors all over the world, Dr. Sumanta along with the great team of SsAcademy have already published a very EFFECTIVE, COMPLETED & WELL-GUIDED Online Courses for MRCP Part-01, Part-02 Written & PACES Examinations for the FIRST TIME in the World. The core feature of this online course is UNIQUE, NON-TRADITIONAL & INTERACTIVE giving the full impression of Live Course in such a way that “MRCP-Mentor is at your Home” to such an extent that is, SOMETHING MORE & this is expected that, this ONLINE COURSE will have a tremendous effect not only in preparing the targeted examinations but also will have a dynamic change in the clinical practice in some parts of the world.

Nevertheless, according to him, his class is an integral part of these courses and overall, he is an EXCELLENT, EXPERIENCED & MASTERED teacher and he knows- how the subject like medicine can be taught in the EASIEST way, can be inserted into the MEMORY BOX of the prospective candidates & making the candidates competent enough how to APPLY knowledge of CLINICAL PEARLS altogether whilst answering questions in the examinations or making the most likely diagnosis along with appropriate management plan of each and every difficult topics of medicine for the whole life making the medicine subject EASIER, PALATABLE, EFFECTIVE & SUCCESSFUL and at the end, playing an great role of “Making a GOOD PHYSICIAN”.


MBBS (SOMC), MD (Cardiology), MRCP (UK) MRCPE (Edinburgh), MRCPS (Glasgow), MRCP (London)

Chief Teacher & Course Coordinator – Ss MRCP UK


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