Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology

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Education enthusiast, Md. Imamul Kabir Shanto, established the first design based comprehensive university of the region, Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, to expand job oriented, creative and cultural education in the country. By combining the education streams of the two earlier established educational organizations, Shanto-Mariam Academy of Creative Technology and Shanto-Mariam Institute of Creative Technology, and integrating with them the other required educational programmes, this unique and different university started its journey in 2003 under the Shanto-Mariam Foundation to offer higher education in the country. Following the enactment of the ‘Private University Act 2010’, the university is currently being run under the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology Trust. Since its inception, the university has been offering its academic programmes under three faculties. These faculties are: a) Faculty of Design and Technology, b) Faculty of Fine Arts, and c) Faculty of Management and General Studies.

The graduates of the Faculty of Design and Technology are, in particular, working successfully in different organizations, including fashion houses, with good reputation. They are making important contributions in the growth and development of many local and foreign organizations in many sectors including the ready-made-garments, information technology, real estate, media and advertising industry. Many others have found success in their own business as entrepreneurs of fashion house, interior design, advertising and other companies, and creating employment for others. These activities if expanded to every region of the country, then small garments and craft villages would be created and this will play instrumental role in the socio-economic development and solving unemployment problem of the country.

The graduates of the many departments of the Faculty of Management and General Studies have found gainful employment after receiving quality education from the university. At the same time, the graduates of the fine art, music and the nation’s first dance department under the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts are playing important roles in the media and cultural field of the nation. They have earned many accolades in the local and international arena which made the university proud.

The university established modern labs and studios, such as pattern lab, sewing lab, computer lab, CAD lab and design studio, dance and music studio, necessary for the academic programmes. In addition, it has all necessary facilities such as campus wi-fi network, equipped classrooms, enriched library, hostel, canteen and adequate transport. In order to enable the students of the departments in the Faculty of Design and Technology gain hands-on practical training in addition to their 2500 hours classroom education, and to the education market oriented, there are complementary organizations of the Shanto-Mariam Foundation, such as Creative Mannequins, Creative Furniture, Art Hut and Gallery, Shanto-Mariam Printing and Packaging, the Daily Ajker Prottasha, Shanto-Mariam Fashions Ltd., Shanto-Mariam Knit Composite and Creative Hub, which are supporting the academic education of the university. These facilities are very important in imparting the creative education of the university.

Also, there are adequate full-time teachers in every department of the university. The university charges very low tuition fees to enable the common people of the country gain the job oriented, creative and quality education. The low tuition fees are even payable in monthly instalments and, in addition, there are scholarships for students. As a result, students are being able to contribute remarkably in their respective fields by gaining this job oriented, creative and quality education. This education has earned much popularity nationwide and the nation sees its success with appreciation and respect. And because of this reason, the people have regarded this university and the Shanto-Mariam Foundation as the “Creative Destination of the Nation”.