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Prome Agro Foods Limited is the renowned food production and exporting company of Bangladesh, started its journey in trade since 1982, under the capable leadership of Mr. Md Anamul Hasan Khan (CIP) as a chairman and Managing Director in the company. Prome Agro Foods Ltd. has been named since 2002 after managed by various names.It achieved special reputation in the country and abroad as a manufacturing company of quality standard food products. Prome Agro Foods Ltd. received ISO-22000:2005, BSTI & Halal certificates from National and International organization for the production of quality food.Currently, about 3,000 people are employed in this industry.

The industry is well-equipped by modern machineries. Agro processing products like various crushed spices, toast biscuits, dried cakes, mango drinks, soft drinks, jellies, pulses, laccha semai, chanachur, jhalmuri, ready tea, mugdal fries, mustard oil, chattney, tasty saline etc. Exporting to 17 countries of the world under Prome Brand including Bangladeshi market. This company is able to produce one million tons of food items annually, with an improved infrastructure in production, sales and marketing. There is good relation between owners and workers in the development of the company.Besides, the company has got recognition the highest value addition tax in the Dhaka district in 2013-2014 in the fiscal year from the National Revenue Board (NRB).
As per the CIP (Industry) Policy-2014 of the Ministry of Industry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, in recognition of the contribution of the country’s economy including setting up industries in the private sector, production of products, employment generation and national income increase; Mr. Md. Anamul Hasan Khan has been selected as a Commercial Important Person (CIP) honorary Chairman and Managing Director of Prome Agro Foods Limited. Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given National Export Trophy (Gold Medal) & Certificate to Honorable Chairman and Managing Director of Prome Agro Foods Limited, Mr. Md Anamul Hasan Khan (CIP) for achieving first place in the export of agro processing products in the fiscal year 2015-2016. Mr. Md Anamul Hasan Khan (CIP) is a founder of many industries in Uttarkhan of greater Uttara, including Mass graveyard, Orphanage, Many educational Institutes & Entertainment Centre. He is also founder Mosque & Madrasa for the promotion of the quality of Islamic Education. Mr. Khan enlightened one’s self in the light of human love on the way of life. The local people have always found this philanthropist next to the helpless, poor people in his area. Mr Khan has succeeded in the development of the country’s economy and success in life in a hard- persistent, thinks as path of the benevolence of Allah.

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