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Oxfam has been present in Bangladesh for 42 years, and has been extending assistance to its people through various other organisations as early as 1954.

Oxfam played commendable role during the War of Liberation in 1971 providing food, shelter and medicine to millions of displaced people. Its milestone publication “The Testimony of Sixty” also helped draw international attention about the humanitarian disaster in Bangladesh as caused by the war during that time and since then has continued its efforts to support Bangladesh’s people through natural disasters and numerous poverty alleviation initiatives. Oxfam was awarded Friends of Liberation War in March 2012 by the Government of Bangladesh acknowledging the contribution in 1971.

Under our one programme approach, Oxfam aims to create an environment containing empowered, resilient communities where women and men contribute jointly to good governance and leadership across Bangladesh.

With this vision, all our work in Bangladesh falls under two strategic lenses, Women’s Leadership and Resilient Communities and four Country Change Objectives:

More women in Bangladesh will be free to make decisions concerning themselves, their families, their community and their country. They will be empowered to do this through their realization of their rights, their control of resources, their freedom from violence, and their access to and influence within social and political space.
The quality of education for all is enhanced and more girls and young women will have access to quality education enabling them to fully participate in life and society and claim their rights.
The most marginalised women, men, girls and boys have increased food and income security through increased resilience of their communities and livelihoods to change and disaster.
Vulnerable communities, government and humanitarian actors will be prepared for, and able to cope and adapt to shocks, resulting in reduced negative impact, more rapid and effective response, and more rapid recovery.
By achieving progress against these four Country Objectives by 2015, Oxfam will be able to demonstrate that it has significantly contributed to achieving the vision.

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