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One Information and Communications Technology Ltd is one of the tech company in Bangladesh. One Information and Communications Technology Ltd is an innovative Info-Communications Technology (ICT) solutions integrator. Set up by a team of partners who have extensive experience in security, networking and communication systems, we envisage ICT solutions to be the primary fix to today’s (and tomorrow’s) corporate requirements.

Our core values are in customer relationships, knowledge-sharing and deep expertise. We believe every customer has the right to choose both the vendor and solution that they will be using with complete honesty in-between. With this mindset, we have since garnered many accolades with our valued customers and in turn, recommended to their own contacts.

We advocate proper use of technology and that we will always be there to allow you to harness the available technologies today in order for you to have peace of mind to concentrate in every area of business success.

OneICT welcome partners and resellers in the industry to leverage on our vendor network and professional expertise. This constitutes a very large part of our ecosystem.

To build a better world through advocating proper use of technology, in the areas of Security, ICT and EdTech. Through innovation and deep expertise, we bring about what hardware and software are really intended for. We do not just sell products, but actually bring forth a complete solution to Government, Enterprises and Businesses. Be ready to welcome cost savings, or see a positive outcome in your productivity or efficiency.

To consistently work only with people focused on strong integrity and continuous self-improvement. Through a successful work culture, we will bring forth delivering complete solutions and have a successful “peace of mind” relationship with our clients.