Northern Tosrifa Group (NTG)

About Business Network

Northern Tosrifa Group (NTG), being a part of one of the biggest textile industry in Bangladesh that employs around four million people of the country, is aware of the responsibility and honor that comes with the “Made in Bangladesh” label. We trust the significance of every stitch that interweaves the stories of its maker within every loop.

Northern Tosrifa Group is a hub of 100% export oriented companies, ensuring excellence in both quality and delivery in every stride.

Ever since the birth of Northern Tosrifa Group, it has not only been knitting the countless wads of yarns, but has also been stitching all those tales that lies underneath. These stories comprise of the employees associated with this group- their dedication and hard work behind every task they accomplished; reminiscences of their achievements and even the slightest bit of fulfillment they gained while working with us. Along with it, it contains stories of all those stakeholders, suppliers clients and most importantly the customers who have believed in our unconditional efforts in catering to their commitments , for the last 26 years.