Neways International Company Limited

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Neways International Company Limited is an innovative company dedicated to transforming the human habitation globally with revolutionary models and technologies. The Super Hostel project is a revolutionary solution invented by Neways to solve the living dilemma of urban singles around the world. In Bangladesh, the Super Hostel project has been recognized and appreciated by relevant government departments. Also received attention and appreciation form the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. In Future, only in Dhaka city, Neways will make more than 100 Super Hostel branches to cover about 1% of bachelors.

Company Mission and Vision
Neways International Company Limited have a great mission to solve the big problems of the society. Now, the company is working on “Super Hostel BD” project to solve the bachelor living problem in Dhaka city. We are the pioneer to come up with this amazing idea to solve the bachelor living problem. We are the one and only company who take the initiative to solve the bachelor living problem in an efficient and smart way. Our mission is to increase the value of our product and minimize the cost for the bachelor to survive in this one of the most expensive city.

Neways has a great vision. To reach the 100% efficiency of a product utilizing it in a multifunctonal ways.

Neways wants to work for the socity to solve the problem. Our recent target is 100 branch in Dhaka City. By establishing this 100 branch, we might solve three major problems for example: the traffic problem, bachelor living problem and employment opportunity problems.

The very next project is “Super Villa”.

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