Multimode Group

About Business Network

Multimode Group is one of the most prominent business conglomerates in Bangladesh with a presence in agriculture, banking, insurance, consumer goods, energy, hospitality, food & beverage, manufacturing, real estate, textiles, transportation, chemicals and fertilizers, plastics IT and telecom. Founded in 1981by two-time Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries President Abdul Awal Mintoo, the Group has been at the forefront of Bangladesh’s nascent private sector and has played a critical role in developing several sectors, including shipping, private natural gas exploration and insurance. Multimode has established the country’s first private-sector seed research lab and an agricultural innovation programme to improve food security and nutritional intake in the country.

Multimode is committed to improving socio-economic conditions in Bangladesh by investing its people, industries and infrastructure. All of the Group’s business ventures are driven by its mission to better the livelihoods of the people of Bangladesh through job creation, capacity building, knowledge growth and industry development.

Social responsibility is at the core of the Group’s values and it has created an institutional ethos – from top management to junior staff – that values human development above all. Multimode is an equal opportunity employer that actively seeks to create an inclusive workplace and to contribute to the communities in which Group companies work. The Group has an active CSR wing that runs the philanthropic initiatives, which include several girls’ schools, colleges, hospitals, scholarships, youth funds and women’s entrepreneur support organisations.

Multimode Group has been a part of Bangladesh’s economic development and will be a part of its future. The diversified holdings are well placed to support and grow alongside Bangladesh’s economy as it reaches middle income country status.