mPower Social Enterprises Ltd.

About Business Network

mPower is the social enterprise which is moving the development paradigm into the information age. Our global and multidisciplinary team codesigns with partners to iteratively learn and solve development challenges.

mPower is dedicated to information technology solutions and strategies that maximize impact on people’s lives.

A world where everyone has access to quality services

We believe in the power of human-centered design (HCD) tools and frameworks to create innovative and results-oriented solutions to systemic problems in emerging market contexts
Building solutions where the end users are more than beneficiaries. They are co-designers.
Solution-orientated products maximize impact and sell the most
Development projects are successful when you can take technology and data for granted and then do more. We add that technology and then streamline processess.
Partners invest and so do we. We have skin in the game; so, your success is our success.
We will help you radically shake things up and go beyond marginal impact.
Data is fun especially when we make sense of it for you.
Data should be democratized.
Our tech solutions are built in a way that we can show stakeholders–taxpayers and philanthropists- where their money is going and whose lives they are changing.

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