M & J Group

About Business Network

M&J Group is a leading manufacturer that produces a wide range of top quality denim bottoms and some non-denim products. Founded in 1965 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, today the Group manages 7 sister concerns, each one specialized in a different phase of the production cycle. Combining quality, strength and a great passion for the job, M&J Group is one of the biggest and most reliable high quality garments international producer.


Over the years M&J has earned an international name as a reliable and advanced partner. Part of this good reputation is surely due to the wide range of customer-focused value-added services that the Group offers to the market, which cover all the stages of the production cycle, from research to special treatments and fast worldwide delivery.


M&J Group’s work is aimed at maintaining a superior customer satisfaction through a total quality policy that goes beyond production and embraces the whole business under the guidance of an in-house professional quality management team. By strictly respecting customers’ requirements, M&J Group takes advantages of the latest technologies and continuously improves its working environments safety.


Business cannot be separated from the consequences it creates, both from a social and environmental point of view. This is especially true for Bangladesh, where M&J Group was founded in 1965 and where it has grown since. The great commitment shown by the Group, that considers its social responsibilities as an essential part of its core values, arises straight from the love for this country and the people who live in it. M&J Group naturally undertakes the responsibility to help people by improving their living and working quality, at the same time respecting the environment and paying great attention to every kind of resource used.