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Kukd.com is an online takeaway ordering and table reservations service company based in the UK.

We launched in 2015, with our Headquarters based at the Food and Technology Park in Cwmbran, South Wales (which yep, perhaps explains some of our kooky Welsh phrases on social media from time to time).

Our mission is to revolutionise the online restaurant and takeaway industry for both our partnered restaurants and our customers, by offering a fair and friendly yet innovate and reliable service on every level.

Whats more, as well as rewarding takeaway lovers with Kukd points, which can be redeemed on future orders, (who doesn’t love free food?) also, with every single takeaway that is ordered at Kukd.com we will feed a hungry child in a developing country, as part of our Feed a Child Programme (at absolutely no cost to our customers or the restaurants.)

So next time you’re feeling peckish, head on over to our website or download our free app to discover the range of amazing takeaways and restaurants waiting to take your order!

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