Khaled Group of Companies

About Business Network

Khaled Group has been doing business in Bangladesh for more than 30 years. Over the years, it has built a reputation of fairness, and honesty in business practice. It stands tall with unmatched ethical standard and yet, leads one of the fastest growing Business Groups in Bangladesh.

With revenue more than 300 Crore taka, and an annual export revenue of over US$10 million, it has built a supply chain that connects all of the sixty four districts in Bangladesh. The Group has visible presence in several industries within Bangladesh and has controlling investment in more than 7 sectors, namely Construction, Engineering, Agricultural, Shipping, Finance, Garments Manufacturing, Power & Energy and Information Technology.

We never compromise on the issues of honesty and integrity. Valuing every individual is a key philosophy of our group. Our Code of Conduct reinforces our core values and is a guide to help each team member to make the right ethical decisions and resolve any issues that he or she may encounter. We ensure transparency in every sector and in every activity of the group.

We stress the importance of looking at quality from the customer’s point of view. We examine the quality of our product & service scrupulously just as a cautious customer would. For sustainable business the quality of service and the class of service must be in consistence with client’s requirement and expectations. We also believe that if we focus on customers; everything else will follow.

We believe that innovation, research and development is very important to maintain customer satisfaction. We are continuously working on developing new solutions and implementing new ideas & technologies that would serve you better.