JBL Drug Laboratories

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JBL Drug Laboratories is a reputed UNANI Medicine Manufacturing Organization in Bangladesh. They prepares quality medicines and provide health care.

More details about JBL Drug Laboratories:
JBL Drug Laboratories was established on 5th February 2009. We have developed fine quality medicines in the whole of Bangladesh and give health advice. The company started its journey with a small number of products. But today 57 types of medicines are being used for the treatment of orthopedic, respiratory, arterial, child-related, female and maternal and sexual disorders. JBL Drug Laboratories offers safe-tested and scientific medicine and services. All of our medicines are strictly regulated. Pre-medicines are examined before marketing drugs and services. By 2020, we have taken the plans of charitable organizations and show rooms throughout Bangladesh. JBL Drug Laboratories acquired ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certification by taking a macro management plan. Drug Licence: U-231.

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