IUBAT – International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

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UBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology is the first non-government university established in Bangladesh. The initial planning began in 1989 and the university was established in 1991. Degree programs started in 1992 with agreement with Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand.

IUBAT strongly lobbied for the creation of non-government universities and supported the initiative of the Government of Bangladesh in passing legislation for formal establishment of non-government universities in the country. IUBAT now operates as a government approved university under the Non-Government University Act of 1992.

The tremendous need for developing human resources of the society to bring in socio‑economic transformation through the agro‑economic‑industrial development process constituted the background for establishing IUBAT.

The less than satisfactory condition of existing universities and the wide gap between demand and supply (in quantity, quality and variety) provided additional basis to think of making an investment in human resources development through which fundamental economic and social problems of the society can be tackled by the people on a self-reliant basis.

This thought process was accelerated in March, 1989 during a 3 week visit to Kansas State University by Dr. M. Alimullah Miyan, Director of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University, where research and consultation led to development of a paper incorporating the idea of a non-government university and also that of a cooperative agreement with the Kansas State University to support the realization of the idea.

A formal representation was made to the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh in June, 1989 on the establishment of this new university.

IUBAT is geared to effectively contribute to agro‑economic, technological and social development of Bangladesh. The aim is to promote higher professional education with relevance to those growth areas of the economy which require qualified human resources and create a climate of professionalism and scholasticism to promote further development of the society.

It is contended that the fundamental economic problems of the society can be tackled by people through an investment in human resources development and in the process promote self reliance in agro‑economic development and higher education.

Since establishment, IUBAT has grown steadily. IUBAT now offers one program leading to a post graduate degree, nine programs leading to professional bachelor degrees and two programs leading to professional diplomas.

In the short run, IUBAT has plans to add a few new programs. In the long run, IUBAT plans to offer programs in most of the professional disciplines relevant to a developing society.

IUBAT operates as a non-profit institution and offers academically rigorous, but practical, instruction in professional disciplines. Md. Alimullah Miyan is the Founder of IUBAT and recognized by the Government of Bangladesh as the Founder of the university.

The institution derived inspiration from a group of educationists and professionals from within the country and abroad.