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HTI Surgical has been recognized as the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution medical equipment in the field of all type of Lasers, Hair Transplant, Aesthetic/Dermatology, Burn & Plastic Surgery, Operation Theater items, Micro Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Orthopaedic, Cardiology and General Hospital items.
We are the pioneer to provide Plastic and Cosmetic surgical as well as non surgical items from worldwide reputed company; Liposuction machine from Nouvag AG- Switzerland, LipoCart, LipoSurg, Vacuson 18 from Nouvag AG-Switzerland. Non Surgical ranges: Cryo Lipo CoolTech from Cocoon Medical-Spain, Cryo Lipolisis (Z Wave Pro-Zimmer)-Germany and all types of instruments for Obesity management.
We have wide range of Hair Transplant instruments from world best source robotic, automatic, manual etc are all in our list. Hair Transplant Chair, FUE Machine, Micro Motor for both FUT and FUE technique.
HTI Surgical working as partner with Nouvag AG- Switzerland, Rebstock-Germany, Cocoon Medical-Spain, Zimmer-Germany, Asclepion-Germany, UFSK-Germany, Lumed-Italy, Lemi Group-Italy, Led Spa-Italy, Dixion-Germany, Dewimed-Germany, MedLight-Germany, Medical- Germany, Sesderma-Spain, Mimsal- Spain, DDM- France, Dermalux-UK, Erond-Romania, Saeyang Marathan-Korea and other well reputed company from Globe.
We are committed to provide better products to our valuable customers.

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