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Hamid Group is a Bangladesh-based conglomerate with major interests in five sectors: Property Development, Construction & Infrastructure, Specialized Project Management, Apparel Manufacturing and Retailing. After our humble beginnings in 1958 we have grown from strength to strength enlarging our presence across different industries and creating a track record of excellence and diligence that is acknowledged and lauded by our clients and industry peers alike.

All our various endeavors have flourished thanks to an upbeat economy and our unwavering commitment to provide best-in-class products and services for maximum customer satisfaction. Our flagship company, Hamid Real Estate Construction Limited and the brand ‘Priyoprangon’ has invested in the development of two large master-plan satellite towns in Dhaka’s suburban areas which, once completed, will substantially contribute to mitigating the prevailing housing crisis in Dhaka City.

We have invested heavily in construction and infrastructure projects through Hamid Construction Limited currently one of the largest EPC firms operating in Bangladesh managing a high-value portfolio of large private and public sector projects. Delco Business Associate Limited, our specialized project management company, has successfully completed contracts awarded by the Bangladesh National Sports Council (BNSC) to supply and install stadium seating as well as grounds equipment for the cricket stadium in Sylhet which has served as one of the venues for the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2014 and which will continue to entertain thousands of sports fan for decades to come.

Our apparel exports to the US and Europe continue to grow through Hamid Fashion Limited and Hamid Sweater Limited. We are doing our bit in safeguarding Bangladesh’s enviable position as the world’s best source for fashionwear. All our businesses are expanding and pursuing the next level of growth. We promise to market more innovative products and services and raise the bar for operational excellence in the years to come.

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