CRC Textile Mills Ltd.

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Welcome to CRC Textile Mills Ltd.
CRC Textile Mills Limited is a 100% export oriented yarn manufacturing company. The company has been incorporated with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies as a Private Limited Company on October 02, 2007 with a paid up capital of Tk. 10.00 million against an authorized capital of TK. 250.00 million. The company has started commercial operation in April, 2009. The Company has been producing high quality yarn, ranging from 10 Counts to 40 Counts.

Currently CRCTML has been operating with 47,020 spindles with the daily production capacity of 39,300 Kgs yarn per day under Ring frame, Vortex and Rotor with 100% capacity utilization. The management is led by the Managing Director Mr. Sukumar Roy having 23 years of business experience in different sectors relating to textile industries. The plant is located at Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur and the corporate head office is located at Akram Center (5th Floor), 212, Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam Sarani (Bijoy Nagar), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

The company procures high quality raw-cotton of different origin to ensure high quality standard of yarns. CRCTML has its own 20,000 sft warehouse for raw materials storage with a capacity of 1,500 ton raw cotton and 15,200 sft for finished goods with a capacity of 1000 ton in its factory premises. The company usually maintains a buffer stock of raw-cotton as inventory for uninterrupted operation. The company sells all of its finished products as dream export against back to back L/Cs. The major buyers of the Company are: Metro Knitting & Dying Mills Ltd., HR Textile Mills Ltd., Masco International., Maghna knit composite Ltd. Pollo Knit Composite, Knit Concern, Dird Composite, Knit Asia.