BRACNet Limited

About Business Network

With the headway in full-scale digitization through the development of 5G, SDN, NFV, IoT, Security, AI, and Big Data, we are committed to transforming businesses for a data-driven economy that places even greater value on data and information security.

Data Security and Safety are at the core of our beliefs, especially in a time when the privacy of information is facing constant threats and vulnerabilities. We provide security with transparency, allowing our clients to access their data anytime anywhere for their business needs.

Until recently, millions living in rural Bangladesh lacked access to high-speed broadband connection, and they still continue to lag behind urban and suburban areas at all speeds. However, this has begun to change. With our fully safeguarded 40GB broadband infrastructure, we are progressively bridging this digital divide. By delivering life-changing services and technologies, we are creating ethical and sustainable practices, policies, and business models to empower communities and connect societies.

The earned era is inevitable. In this tech-savvy period, we see the need for creativity, purpose, and a commitment to inclusion. These are the dynamics that will help organizations protect themselves from disruption and replacement and allow them to flourish and grow at the vanguard of the technological future.

With a combined 24 years of proven PR brilliance in this industry, we have now advanced into a full-fledged ICT company that aspires to provide all-around 360 ICT solutions for our clients.


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