1 & 9 Apparel Creator Ltd.

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1 & 9 Apparel Creator Ltd, We are the Clothing Manufacturer & Buying Agent permitted by The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) Bangladesh and Bangladesh bank [Company Reg. No. C-129828 ]. We are the wholesale Clothing Suppliers & Manufacturer, Exporter of All types of knit garment, Woven garment item, and sports item. Our expertise in manufacturing the following Garments item

1. Men’s T-shirt
2. Men’s Polo shirt
3. Ladies T-Shirt
4. kid’s T-shirt
5. Kid’s Polo Shirt
6. Legging girls to women Trouser
7.Men’s ladies boys girl’s woven trouser
8. Men’s Twill pant
9.Women’s Twill pant
10.Men’s and Women’s Denim pant

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